Take a credit report on any UK company for a little

We are glad to offer credit reports on companies and self-employed persons registered around the United Kingdom. The country is big but risky market.

You can get the free basic information which will help you to identify the subject of you interest. Then you can buy a credit report on the company for £7.00.

In the report along with the credit score and credit limit you will find answers on such important questions as:

  • What are the company address, phone number, WWW and email?
  • Is it a bogus company which director manages other dozens companies?
  • Who is a real owner of the business entity?
  • What other companies are owned by these shareholders?
  • Has it been involved in any legal processes?
  • Is it being involved in the bankruptcy procedure?
  • What are the company income numbers?
  • Is the business profitable?

Customer`s satisfaction is important to us. Your payment will be processed by PayPal service. And if you extremely unhappy with the purchased credit report we will simply refund your payment.

We respect you privacy. The searched company will NEVER be notified about your request.